Southern District

View from Grand Bay
View from Grand Bay

The Southern District comprises of the following communities:

  • Bagatelle
  • Bellevue Chopin
  • Dubique
  • Fond St. Jean
  • Grand Bay
  • Grand Coulibrie
  • Maranatha Square
  • Montine
  • Petite Savanne
  • Pichelin
  • Pte. Caribe
  • Stowe
  • Tete Morne

To date there are 35 youth organizations in the district.

Schools in the Southern District include:

  • Pierre Charles Secondary
  • Tete Morne Primary
  • Grand Bay Primary
  • Pichelin Primary
  • Bellevue Chopin Primary
  • Bagatelle Primary
  • Petite Savanne Primary

The most common sports played in the District by young people are basketball, football and cricket.